Monthly Archives: November 2010

Chicken. Feed.

That is right. I said Chicken Feed.  I am gonna go ahead and bet that about 3 of you know what I am talking about, and that is because you are my mom, sister, or biff. I told you last night about the Christmas Fairy herself, Edna Mae Parrott, and now let me tell you,... read more →

Tis the Season…

After a weekend full of tryptophan (or the Trippy T as I like to call it…) and family bonding with the Finlaws, (that’s future, not effin’)  I came back on a mission.   It was time. My Christmas tree, bless her little heart, used to belong to my great grandmother.  Edna was practically a Christmas fairy. ... read more →

BBT: gravy…condiment?

Yea, I know. It’s so much more than a condiment. It’s Thanksgiving day in liquid.  It’s the smell of fall, it’s playing with your cousins outside, it’s the brand new puppy your dad got you as a surprise. Ok, none of that shit happened for me, but it happened for somebody, right? And, hey, to... read more →

BBT: Cranberry… Condiment?

I mean,  I hate calling anything a condiment.  But.  …cranberry and gravy, are the condiments of Thanksgiving. In my haste on Sunday, I wasn’t really able to take a bunch of pictures because I was in the kitchen by myself busting out a 20 pound turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, cranberry chutney, and gravy.  So, these... read more →

BBT: Thanksgiving for friends!

Bitch, Be Thankful! Thanksgiving for Friends finally came and went in the whirlwind that it always does.  A wine and food blur.  An amazing, wine and food blur.   See, the way it works in Casa Mobraham, is that everyone brings something: a favorite family recipe, local beer, a fail proof dessert.  Then we sit around... read more →

BBT: Turkey

Oh bitches, we are getting down to the meat of Thanksgiving, literally!  I don’t know about you, but I am so thankful, because yesterday, we celebrated with our nearest and dearest friends, and the bird. was. PERFECT!  You’ll hear all about Thanksgiving for Friends tomorrow, but today, let’s focus on the that big fat beautiful... read more →

BBT: New Aprons

Have you ever had a friend you loved so much you just wanted to yell, “Bitch, Im so thankful!!?!” Well, I came home, after a rather bad day, to this lovely little frock awaiting for me, from my B eff EFF Kelley Brooke Edelmann. Bitch, I am so. Thankful. Isn’t it presh? Get excited, because... read more →

BBT: Garlic Knots.

Bitch, Be Thankful! ‘Cause if there is nothing to sop the rest of the mashed potatoes and gravy up with, all is lost in the world.  Tell me I’m wrong! You go right ahead and tell me that it’s not absolutely necessary to have something solid, warm, doughy and ever so yeasty to wipe the... read more →

BBT: Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes.  If there ever was a knock down drag out fight over a Thanksgiving dinner table, I bet your panties it’s over this one.  Some people like it savory, some people like it sweet.  Regardless, in Brian’s mind, it just better be on the damn table, he doesn’t care how it shows up!  I... read more →