Monthly Archives: August 2010

Game Bird Outlaw

Let’s talk about game bird.  Obviously you know my protein choices are limited since I rarely eat beef and I never ever eat pig.  Sometimes, you just want something that tastes a little different you know?  Sometimes, you just want to think you’re eating something exotic.  Ok fine, quail isn’t exactly exotic, but if you’re... read more →

Like a Pig in Shit.

You haven’t lived until you’ve had this mac and cheese. No, I know your aunt Jo Alice makes a bitchin’ mac and cheese. Yes, I heard your grandmother won a state championship for her mac and cheese, but sister, you are wrong. Wanna know how I know? Martha told me so. I listen to that... read more →

Rita. Strikes. Again.

Kids, I was wrong. Rita Bohanon strikes again.  I want you to know that although last week’s chicken salad was amazing, I have heard through the grapevine that it is NOTHING like what Rita does.  WHAT. THE. FLIP.  Here I am making my own damn mayonnaise and you mean to tell me that it isn’t... read more →

What Would Rita Bohanon Do?

When I’m in the kitchen thinking about chicken salad, my first step is to ask myself, “Self, What would Rita Bohanon Do?”  Who the flip is Rita Bohanon, you ask?  BLASPHEMY! Who is Rita Bohanon?! Only the greatest and best chicken salad maker to walk God’s green pastures, that’s who!  I’ll forgive you if you... read more →

I Be Roastin’

  Kids, some people tell me I can bake.  Whatever, sure… I can build a cake, but my true talent is that I roast the hell out of any bird that crosses my path.  Cornish Hens, Chicken, Quail, 20 pound Turkeys, Duck you name it. If it’s got 2 wings and drums – I’m roastin’... read more →


Hey Ya’ll!  I am still running on all cylinders, as you all probably can imagine with the exciting week we have going on here.  I am especially excited for today, as we have a glorious FIRST TIME EVER guest poster!  This girl is ON it in the blog scene, and ON it in life.  If... read more →