Monthly Archives: July 2010

Fat. Kid.

I gotta tell you. I am not sure if you know.  I’m a fat kid. I am such a fat kid, that I baked my OWN birthday cake, because heaven forbid someone else shows up with a cake that is, GASP, not covered in Chocolate. This goes back to my 4 main food groups, carbs,... read more →

Hair of the Cat Margarita

Whelp, it is Monday and it is no surprise that I am exhausted, because Saturday was my birthday, and it was a ragefest, ladies and gents!  A big thanks for the elevator birthday serenade and a very special thanks to Brian the Grillmaster, who kept it possible for me to socialize by feeding the masses.... read more →

Belly Ache Peach Cake

It has been 14 years, I am certain, since I have had my mother’s peach cake.  I had forgotten all about this cake and really the only recollection I have of this peach cake, is “Oh snap, this is good.”  I am historically known as an over-eater, and in most cases I can tell you,... read more →